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I think you could identify the task of this app only by its name. This is for the apk files specially. Its main task is editing. Therefore it is called the apk editor. So then you could identify this is. Acting the same as its name. If you want to edit any apk file this is the definite solution for it. Not only editing but this app will save the edited apk file even.

For this editing process you don’t need to have the apk file itself. Because you can take it as an extracted file. You can do it by the previously installed app on your device. Therefore this is a type of app that one definitely has to download.

Mainly you are able to perform your editing in two ways. You could select one of these according to your preferences. Do you know what are those two ways? No! Then I’ll tell you.

  1. Full edit
  2. Simple edit

There are differences between these two ways. Full editing is like rebuilding. By this method you can rebuild the above apk. Simple edit can be introduced as a replacement. From this method you could replace the files. You can place it inside an apk.

The above is not the only difference in the above file type. There is another one. The full editing is a complex process. But the other one, simple editing is not such a complex process. It can be performed so easily.

APK Editor Pro apk

However this is a nice app that we all have to try it for working. This provides the easiest methods to edit apk files. The significant feature is the You can try editing on many aspects of the same file as apk. There are certain things that you could change here. What are them? I think you would like to get to know about them.

  • You could change the image in the background.
  • You can change the language by the addition and the removal.
  • You could change the permissions too.

So this is providing many benefits for you. Therefore this is an amazing app. Then we will see some main features of this app.

  • Could edit in two ways basically.
  • One of the apk file editor.
  • Providing more advanced qualities for the editing.
  • One of tricky app.
  • Can obtain many experiences by the above app.
  • You will feel joy while working.
  • You can work with this app better out of your skills.

In the above I told you this is a tricky app. Yes, if you work well this app will become a tricky app. If you don’t get better use of this app surely that will be boring. Therefore work with this app along with better knowledge.

   Then we will move to some other important details of this app. I think these may be important for you before you download it for working.

Size of the app – 6.67 MB sized app

The latest version of the app – 1.9.0

How many downloads have taken place – about 13,000,000+ taken place

The requirement for the app – to download this app your device be with android 3.1 or higher

Download APK Editor Pro

APK Editor pro does not available on Google Play store. You can free download and install latest version of APK Editor pro from AC Market.


  1. What is the size of this app? 
    This is about a 6.67 MB sized app. 
  1. Is this free to download?
    Yes, you can download it for free. No need to pay any single amount. 
  1. Are there any ads?
    No, there are no ads from external sources. Sometimes there may be ads by the developer. 
  1. Is this safe for the device? 
    This is not a harmful malware. You don’t need to worry. 

I think you will try this app at least per ounce. Then after that you will work with forever surely.

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